I don't get Facebook and now is not the time to research
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My very much loved 31 year old daughter died on January 2nd. Her dad wrote a lovely tribute to her a few days later, which of course has been buried by multiple posts over the past couple of weeks not related to Jordan or her death.

I would like to post something at the top of her page regarding her death, with links to her Dad's lovely obit post, my obit post, and a tribute page that a friend has already established for her, but no more flotsam and jetsam from her friends' lives. Is this possible? (Btw, I am able to login and post as the account owner.)
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There is a difference between what is posted on her page and what you see when you log into her account. If you just log in or click on the home button you get what facebooks thinks your daughter would want to see in her feed. If you click on her name in the top menu bar (on the right next a plus sign for me), it gives you what used to be called her "wall" - just things that she posted or that referenced her by name. You might want to leave open the ability for others to post since I have often read beautiful tributes posted by friends and acquaintances that might not otherwise be in touch with the family.
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When you are ready, you might want to memorialize her page. There’s more information here. I’m so sorry about the loss of your daughter.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much for help so far.

I have admin access to her account through my phone, which she used frequently in December. However, I don't have access to her account through my computer. Changes made on her page via my phone are not showing on my computer.

Further, many, many more posts are displayed on her phone than on the computer.
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It's possible to add a note to her FB page announcing that she has passed away. On your phone, logged in as her, tap her profile picture (top left) to go to her page. Tap the three dots icon next to "Add Story" and select "Edit Profile." The "Bio" section would be visible to anyone who visits her page, once it's populated. That section only allows for 101 characters, which may not be enough space to include all the links, but perhaps you could link to the friend's tribute page and add your post and her dad's there? I hope this helps, and I am so sorry for your loss.
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I’m so sorry for your loss. Seconding metahawk that this sounds like it could be an issue of what is posed on her page, which is what you want to manage, vs what you see when you log onto her account, which is a selection of everything her contacts have done recently in their own accounts. On the Apple version of the Facebook app, you can see her page by clicking on the person icon second from the left at the bottom of the screen, next to the house icon. If you’re accessing it using the Safari browser on a phone rather than the app, you can see the profile by clicking on the person icon at the very top left of the page, next to the search bar.
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Aniola's suggestion wouldn't work. Pinning a post to the top of a page is only possible for Facebook "Pages" (as in a Facebook presence for a business or a musician / band or other organization.) Pinning posts isn't possible for personal accounts.
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From the help page amanda linked to:

Learn how to memorialize or request the removal of a deceased person's account.

Can I add or remove a piece of content from a memorialized Facebook account?
In most cases, once an account is memorialized, content can't be removed from it. If the person added a legacy contact to their account, the legacy contact can do things like:

- Change the person's profile picture and cover photo.

- Write a pinned post on the timeline.

- Respond to new friend requests.

You will need to be the legacy contact in order to do this. You probably want to change that prior to asking FB to memorialize the account.
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