Comfortable cotton-ish boot cut yoga pants?
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I’ve basically been living in yoga pants since the shelter-in-place started and I’m now in need of new yoga pants. Where do you get your fav basic ones?

The ones I like best of the ones I own are from Old Navy and were their boot cut medium or high rise ones. It seems like the style now is for super tapered ones and they no longer make the ones I used to buy. I’d prefer more cotton ones as I’d like them to be soft.

I’m right on the edge of straight/plus size (depending on the day it seems) and in Canada fwiw. Thanks!
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I just got some good ones from Lands End - they don't seem to have as much cotton, but they're still pretty soft, wear well and even have a little secret pocket tucked into the waistband that was big enough for me to slip in a cell phone (sideways). The length is right on me, and the ankles look like they're boot cut even though they're technically straight leg. Lands End also has a good size range.
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I also like those Lands End ones, have been wearing them for years and they are super comfortable and hold up really well. Agree that they're a slight boot cut, very flattering.
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I bought these from Amazon in May. I am literally wearing them right now and love them. They are excellent quality and have stood up to pretty consistent wear since November.
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In addition to the actual yoga pants from Lands End, their "starfish" line is cotton and I have been living in them non-stop since March. They come in a wide range of sizes, although the plus range is listed as a separate product which is irritating, and wash well. I just bought like....four more pairs because a few that I'd been wearing constantly were a few years old and finally starting to die.
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Oo! Ooo! I know this one--I have had a hell of a time finding bootcut cotton yoga pants since everything's gone to tights/leggings. Jockey finally brought back their cotton slim bootcut pant, and they have plus sizes too. I'm tall and they're long enough for me, but if you're on the shorter side, I'd go for the petite sizes because they do seem a bit longer to me than they say. It looks like they do ship to Canada, though I'm not sure how much more it costs.
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