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Is there anything approximating an all-in-one liquid cooler setup for the MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio?

I've seen plenty for the 20XX series of Nvidia cards, and there are single waterblocks for the MSI 3090 from a few different makers, but I haven't seen anything that serves as a single AIO unit (like this) that can swap in for the stock cooler without building a liquid loop from the ground up. Are there AIO-type rigs that can attach to a specific waterblock like this?

(I know there are some 30XX series cards coming out with built-in liquid coolers, but I've already got a standard 3090 and those ones are ludicrously overpriced for an already ludicrously pricey GPU)
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You may have worked this out already, but in the Eiswolf GPU AIOs, the pump is built onto the waterblock. And in CPU AIOs the pump is built onto the CPU water block. The external part in both cases is just a radiator with fans. So the specific reason you can't just swap a GPU waterblock into an off-the-shelf AIO kit is that you'd end up without a pump in the system.

To use an existing waterblock, you're basically looking for the external part to be a radiator with a built-in pump. If you search for what you want using those terms you'll find there are a small number of options.

Alphacool's Eisbaer Extreme Core is the sort of thing you want, but I'm not sure offhand if it has enough cooling capacity for an RTX 3090.

Aquacomputer also do radiators with integrated pumps in a range of sizes, but they get pretty pricey.

Swiftech also used to make this unit, but it looks like it's been out of production for a while.
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