Can I use a cefaly migraine-device with titanium in my jaw?
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I want to try a cefaly. The web site says "Have implanted metallic or electronic devices in the head". I have titanium (i.e. non-magnetic metal, poor conductor) in my jaw. Not the migraine-y part of my head. Can I try this?

Note: I already emailed them and asked and all they did was paste the FAQ into an email response.
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My answer is that you should discuss this with your GP / a doctor

However, I did also find Cefaly answering a question like yours more helpfully on Facebook 6 years ago.

I'll copy and paste it in case you can't see it without a Facebook account:

Question: Seriously thinking about getting one of these. I have been a migraine/headache sufferer for over 30 years. I have tried every medication under the sun but never seems to break the cycle of daily headaches & regular migraines. I have tried all the alternative therapies acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, naturopathy, massage, biofeedback, jaw splint. I also underwent double jaw surgery in March of this year which has helped greatly BUT still not got rid of the daily headaches, foggy head & the exhaustion every day as just can't sleep soundly, I did a sleep study which ruled out grinding of my teeth prior to my surgery which is great but that I have mild sleep apnoea. I am a stress head & worry about everything I am trying everything I can to reduce this. I am on a computer all day so that also probably doesn't help. I saw the Cefaly & wonder if it could help me? If anyone could advise me I would appreciate it. I really would love to stop taking all this medication & be headache free. For me often it is stress, strong smells & fluro lights that are my triggers. Any help would be appreciated. Is there anyone selling them in Perth Western Australia that I could go & see ? I have titanium plates in my jaw due to the surgery so would it still be ok to use the Cefaly? Also fixed retainer back of teeth as had braces off today & there will be a removable retainer I will be wearing at night. Sorry for all the questions but really want to know everthing before buying it. Thanks

Relevant part of Cefaly response: "As for your question about the titanium plates, there is no problem. You can use the Cefaly with titanium plates in your jaw."
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Thanks, I actually did ask my doctor and she said to contact the manufacturer (who was not very helpful when I asked, as indicated). Anyway, I was on day 6 of a migraine. I ordered one. It's coming tomorrow. My migraine finally passed.

Umbrella theory to the rescue!
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