Coronavirus vaccine velocity
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Is anyone tracking in great detail and publishing regularly on how quickly the USA is vaccinating people? I would like to see regular updates on details like how many people were vaccinated each day, whether we are vaccinating more people per day or about the same number per day, how many doses are available and how many more are being manufactured, how many people have gotten their second dose, etc. I have only found snapshots, nothing looking at change over time.

I've been following the New York times and Bloomberg vaccine trackers: NYT, Bloomberg . But they are mostly snapshots and don't seem to be useful for looking at where we are headed in the coming days and weeks.

The fundamental question I'd like to see answered is "what's our best estimate of when we will have vaccinated enough people to be approaching herd immunity." I'm aware that herd immunity is not a precise number but it seems you could pick something in the 60% to 80% of people range a d use that as a rough goal. I'm also aware of that the rate of vaccination can change drastically so long-term predictions are going to be extremely uncertain, but I don't see the harm in looking at the actual numbers and looking down the road a little bit.
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One source: Our World in Data
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I've been looking at Our World in Data as well, but I'd like to see a source that shows a breakdown by type of vaccine and 1st dose/2nd dose as well, I'm curious if anyone knows of a source for that. As things drag on, the number of people who get the first dose but not the second might be significant, which could matter for herd immunity numbers.
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Best answer: Youyang Gu’s site has a chart of vaccination velocity over time for the United States.
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You can now view charts of this data directly at
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