Sewing in Seattle
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Sewing jobs in Seattle?

I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow for a vacation/job-hunt. I've done nothing but tend bar since I turned 21 and would like to move into a different field, ideally sewing as it has been a hobby of mine for some time now. Something on the design side of things would be even better. I'd eventually like to start my own clothing line but am not in any position to do that at this time (I'm broke). Ideally I'd like to work at Utilikilts and will be visiting them when I'm up there, but who knows how that will go and I'd like some other options. So the question is, does anyone know of any clothing maufacturers/designers in the area that I might try while I'm up there? Thanks.
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I'd like to move up there anyway, so barring a sewing position I will go back to bartending. Any bar owners in need of a long-haired, kilted bartender?
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Another kinda cool clothing company headquartered in Seattle is Kavu.
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Filson is in Seattle, and they sew their own clothes here. I don't know how creative the work would be, though. The Seattle Times had an article about it you could read:

(apologies for my lack of linking skills.)
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Filson would be very cool, and I didn't know they were based up there, thanks. I'll check out Kavu while I'm up there too.
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