How the heck do you find a couch to buy in Chicago?
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I have two horrible couches. I want to have one L-shaped sectional (the long part you can put your feet up on), overstuffed, fabric, comfy, with no extra features. I have no experience buying furniture (other couches were gifts), and of course I want to spend as little as possible because I ain't rich. Where would you recommend I look for a new couch matching this description in the Chicago area? Bonus points for a place where they offer an in-store credit card so I don't have to pay this all at once.
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Response by poster: Oh, and I HAVE TO be able to go to a store and test drive this couch.
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I got my couch and a pub table/chairs at Affordable Portables on Clark. I have been very happy with both items and had an unusual but ultimately positive experience shopping there. I would return to them. I don't know about their options for store credit.
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Ikea. I am currently sitting on an ikea ektorp that I've had for 6 years, still comfy, pretty cheap.
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I’ve bought several pieces—including a couch—from Walter E. Smithe Over the years. They have a bunch of locations in the Chicago suburbs, and they do have sectionals. They also offer instore financing that had great terms when I used it—it’s been awhile. They have samples, and I’ve always been super happy with the personal service I’ve gotten with choosing pieces and fabrics. They’re my first pick when I’m looking for upholstered furniture.
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I have an ektorp I've had for around 20 years - we're on the third slipcover but the couch is still comfortable and was inexpensive. They come in a bunch of configurations.
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I have not lived in Chicago for a little more than 20 years, but I too got furniture from Affordable Portables on Clark. I lived down the street by the Wiener Circle. So +1 for phunniemee suggestion.
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Best couch we have ever owned came from Macy’s.
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To be honest I would go to IKEA for this.
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Just a note, we tried to buy a couch back in July. Production, they say, is delayed. We are still waiting for the delivery of our couch.
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We've had good luck with a couch from Bob's Discount Furniture. Not really high quality, but good enough for a house filled with people and pets who like to lounge on couches. We also financed through their store card.

Bob's Discount Furniture Store Locations
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If you are in Chicago, the answer for a new couch is often Roys.
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Response by poster: Haven't seen some of these spots, thanks!
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Macy’s is the absolute best bang for your buck for sofas. We and several of our friends and family members own various permutations of the Radley sectional. If you search “Radley” on the site you will see a variety of options from the same line. I’d describe the base cushions as firm and the back cushions as fluffy but supportive. If you’re going into stores these days, Macy’s usually has a pretty nice selection of sofas in the showroom. They also have sales around every holiday.
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