Where can I get my hands on a wombat? Literally.
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So I've now interacted with most of the animals on my bucket list: kangaroo, quokka, koala, otter, sugar glider, penguin. All the cute ones and pretty much all at animal sanctuaries. Last one on the list? WOMBAT. So where can I pet, scritch or tummy rub a wombat in a supportive environment?
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Which continent are you on? If you are in Australia, you can get wombat cuddles in Ballarat, Perth, Tasmania, etc.
Personally, I wouldn't try to cuddle one in the wild.
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The Wild Life zoo in Sydney (Darling Harbour) suggest their wombat may accept pats. I second warning against touching wild ones, though if you know where to go camping you can probably spend an evening surrounded by the sound of munching.
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I second warning against touching wild ones

Thirded. If you manage to corner one it will be freaking out, and those Powerful Digging Claws™ make a hell of an attack weapon that also moves ridiculously fast.
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Not a recommendation of where to touch a wombat, but if you are ever in the south-east of Australia I highly recommend a visit to Wilson's Promontory. You can see so many beautiful animals including wombats. One even came into our cabin once!

For emphasis: please don't touch them in the wild, though.
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OP said "So where can I pet, scritch or tummy rub a wombat in a supportive environment?" I don't think they're planning to take on one in the wild.
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I've seen a UK tourist (friend-of-a-friend) do the wombat experience at Australia Zoo. They got what they were after, I think - cuddle and scritch, one-on-one (plus handler).

The whole place has an awful theme-park fleece-Chinese-tourists vibe to it, but I think I'm spoiled by Royal Melbourne Zoo and Healesville, who don't let you pay extra for close encounters.
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Hi hello hi. I do not have anything helpful to add, because I do not know anything about where to scritch a wombat, but I would very much like to know where to scritch those other animals you mentioned, if you would be so kind
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I haven't scritched a wombat yet, but I've done the interactive experiences at Perth Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary and can highly recommend both. Also: consider adding echidnas to your list if you are near Healesville. Freakin' adorable up close!
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