Should I condition the leather of this ornament? How?
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I inherited an ornament that is basically a tooled leather belt with bells on it, and the leather is looking worse for wear at 50+ years old. The back is just the suede side of the leather. Should I put leather conditioner/mink oil on it or is it too far gone? I like it but I don't plan to go to extraordinary measures to preserve it forever.
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Best answer: Except for the little cracks it doesn't look too bad. I would try the leather conditioner as a preservative method. If you wanted to go beyond preservation to restoration, I would take it to a good cobbler (shoe repair shop) and see if they can help. I've had cobblers do a great job on non-shoe leather items.
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Best answer: Doesn't look too bad to me. I'd gently clean it with some saddle soap and a soft cotton cloth, let it dry, then condition it with a natural leather conditioner like Huberd's Shoe Grease or Obenauf's. Before you put it back in storage after the holidays, repeat. Next year, just once should be fine.
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Best answer: I would use Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner, available at any tack shop and many places online. I ride and have lots of leather tack (saddles, bridles, etc) and have successfully restored items that I've purchased in pretty bad shape. It does a great job.
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Response by poster: I conditioned it a few days ago (I had Kiwi stuff around), and it looks exactly the same, but feels a little more pliable. Excellent!
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