Recommend high quality virtual Christmas Eve service
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I would like to virtually attend a Christmas Eve service, and it's occurred to me that I could probably watch something of higher quality than a local church and that probably churches all over the world are doing something virtual. Can you recommend a church's Christmas Eve service that fits my criteria?

I suppose a Christmas concert could work too, but my preference is to be in a sanctuary (virtually) if possible. My other preferences:

1. My ideal would be a traditional hymn/carol service. I'm ok with progressive or affirming messages/prayers/scripture, but no theatrical reenactments or conservative messages.
2. High quality choir and production. I have a couple local churches I've attended that I can easily google, but they are more DIY on the technology/streaming/audio and the choirs are small and just ok.
3. Livestream would be nice or I guess a recording. I'm in U.S. central time.
4. Prefer English language (though if you have recommendations in other languages I'd like to check those out).
5. I don't care about denomination as long as item 1 is met.
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It doesn' t look like they're "streaming" it (there is an old-school download link), but a favorite in this household is the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, King's College, Cambridge.
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Christ Church Oxford is livestreaming their midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

It starts at 11:30pm in the UK, so if you're central time that is 5:30 I think?
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The Vatican will be streaming the Pope's Christmas service: the youtube channel is here.
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You want to join the services at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. It's an Episcopal church, but the services would be recognizable to anyone from a Protestant denomination and are SO lovely! Their music program is stellar, and the visuals are a treat.

Check out their Christmas Eve service, and you would also probably like the "Christmas Lessons and Carols" on Dec. 23.
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A holiday tradition at our house for many years is The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Cambridge, mentioned above, truly lovely. I think it may be just what you are looking for. Go to the Minnesota Public Radio website for times of radio broadcast.
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