Podcast episode about a failed secret agent turned bounty hunter
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A recent AskMefi question asking for help IDing an old Snap Judgment episode made me think of this. I remember listening to a podcast episode where the narrator met a striking woman who had dreamt and planned to become a CIA agent, but had become a bounty hunter after not making it through the selection process. Do you have any idea what it could have been?

I remember the show as being Snap Judgment, but that could be wrong. It makes sense because their archives don't have detailed episode summaries with Google-able keywords. I believe I listened to it sometime between 2016 and 2018, but it could have been a rerun at the time.

I am fascinated by stories of people who go All In on dreams (as someone who's always looked for the path of least resistance in life). I remember that the woman had learned languages, martial arts, extreme sports, etc. to be the perfect agent but she wasn't selected for some reason. I think I remember that the narrator was initially struck by her foreign cigarette brand in a bar.

I'm pretty sure this existed, although I may have a lot of details wrong. I'm not creative enough to make up an idea like this!
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Best answer: Could it be act two of this?
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(Transcript here.)
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Here to confirm it was This American life. Great episode!!
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you! I feel so stupid for not thinking ofTAL.
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Nthing that it's def. what you remembered.
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