Are there any outdoor lights that give the impression of fireflies?
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I haven't hung holiday lights for many years, but I thought this might be a good year to do it again...I'm having a bit of a hard time describing what I'm looking for, is there such a thing as 'subtle' Christmas lighting these days? I have eaves, a picket fence, and a huge hedge I could light.

Is there anything out there in terms of outdoor lighting that feels like twinkling stars or fireflies? Or other gentle twinkly things? I'm imagining something more like fairy land than Christmas I guess, so they needn't be actual Christmas lights. I thought I might try a laser projection on the hedge, but I'm having trouble finding anything in the way of slow twinkles, especially in the blues, purple, white range.
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Fairy lights are a thing that I think are basically what you're describing. There are tons of varieties, but at least that search term should get you close to where you want to go.
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When I can shop in person, Target has the best organized lights. Their site allows search
LED, tiny lights, twinkle
copper wire, tiny lights twinkle

following, because I love lights with that subtle firefly effect that I've seen in commercial installations..

amazon's search was designed by evil mutants, and is polluted by paid placement

Some solar lights work well outdoors, just enough battery to stay on most of the evening
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There are light projectors with colored laser lights that are supposed to project multiple dots of color onto your house, like these. That was a pretty nice effect the first time we saw it, but got old quickly. What NEVER gets old, for me, is the effect you get when you project those dots of colorful laser light up onto the leaves or needles of a tree. They look like magical colored fireflies, thanks to the random motion of the tree leaves. It's wonderful.
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Maybe some of the lights on this page? I have no experience with either of these brands (which look like the same thing to me), but the video seemed to show what you describe.
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I bought some fairy string lights a year ago from my local Ace hardware. Don't know which exact ones. They aren't exactly like I think of as fireflies, but more like twinkly stars.

Things I wish I knew:

Outdoor compatible is not always as advertised; the string of lights are fine, but the power connector may not be.

If you are using a timer, Ogs help you because most of them have multiple selections for "effect" and it's usually not what you want at default setting. I gave up and leave mine on the entire winter season.

It takes more lights than you'd think , so err on getting too many.(or start small and you can decide that particular type isn't right and find a place for them indoors.)

And, this year, supply of all things like that are sparse in the US; so look for them now.
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