Authentic coins these days?
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I can find a bunch of coins on eBay but I assume they are as likely as not to be fake. Where do the kids find authentic coins at relatively reasonable prices?

Online strongly preferred but if there's an SF Bay Area source that is really worth a visit I'm game for that. Looking for anything from 100-ish year old US coins to denarii.
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If you're out for the experience of picking out coins for a collection, I can't help you.

But if you just want some old coins, one place is where you can buy old silver dollars and other junk silver coins.
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I went to Witter Coins in SF a long time ago- I'm not sure what they're doing re COVID but it's worth a visit if it's open. They also have some things available online.
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You can buy historic coins from Europe and Asia at Gaukler Medieval Wares. Medieval coins aren't as popular among collectors as Roman or rare American coins, so they're fairly inexpensive.
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Best answer: I get them at Forum Ancient Coins , which makes it sound like I buy a lot of coins. I don’t.
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You could try Bosco - if you email him he has a ton of coins that aren't listed. He's a bit eccentric but a good guy. For full disclosure I know him personally.
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The stuff on eBay is generally going to be real, though if you buy from a zero-feedback seller or someone with a ton of negatives you may have issues. As a buyer you have much more power than the seller, so you should be fine.
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I tend to buy certified coins when buying from eBay to avoid the concern of counterfeits.
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Response by poster: Forum Ancient Coins had some really cool stuff at reasonable prices, thanks OrangeVelour!
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