Buy or make Queen’s Gambit tee?
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Jus finished watching The Queen’s Gambit and I really want the 60s t-shirt that Beth wears in various colors across multiple episodes. Please help me find and/or make it!

The shirt in question is described as the “favorite tee” in this ranking of her outfits, where it comes in at #10: (some spoilers in the linked article, but the tee is the first on the list so you could stop right after seeing it).

I’m open to buying one if I can find it, so shopping links are welcome. But I’ve also recently started sewing my own clothes, so I think it could be fun to make it. I’m not really at the level of confidently drafting my own patterns, but it might be within my grasp to adjust something like a neckline or sleeve length or trim if I had a pattern that got the basic construction details right.

Does this style have a name? Is there a word for sleeves that are cut from the same piece of fabric as the bodice? What about the neckline, does it have a name? Do you know of any patterns that look like this? How hard do you think it would be to wing it? Happy to hear any and all leads/patterns/tips/search keywords to help me make this happen!
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Best answer: Boat neck neckline on a dolman sleeve top. Then I would "colorblock" the black bands on. I would Google for free dolman top patterns and hack away. Have fun!
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Best answer: This free Kirsten tee pattern had a big moment a few years ago. I made a couple of them and it is indeed a good pattern, one that you could easily adapt
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(If you google "Kirsten tee" you will find approx. one million versions/adaptations posted by sewing bloggers. One might even already do what you're looking for.)
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Inspired by Courrèges.
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