I need a bathroom/shower clock with a loud alarm
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Can you recommend a moisture-proof/resistant clock I can put in the bathroom (or potentially the shower)? Needs to have a loud, easy-to-set alarm.

My son showers right before work. He sets his phone alarm as a signal to finish cleaning up, but claims not to be able to hear it go off. He often risks being late in getting to work. This is stressful. He needs some sort of clock in the bathroom/shower--one he can set a timer/alarm on--that's easy to set and LOUD when it goes off. Do you have one that works well for you?
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We've got a Nest Mini in the bathroom for music, it can do alarms too. Might be overkill though!
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If you aren't opposed to smart home devices, I use a Google Home Mini for similar purposes, and it's a dream come true.
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The lowest-effort solution would be to pair his phone to a bluetooth shower speaker before he gets in. But they make shower alarm clocks. I'd probably just put one of these on the counter, so I could keep an eye on the time after I'm out of the shower.
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The Sonim phones are moisture proof/resistant and can get so loud you can use them in helicopters.
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This sounds like a job for a mechanical kitchen timer.
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Can he just use a kitchen timer?
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I have one of the shower clocks Lyn Never linked and it only has a countdown timer alarm, not a timed alarm, so it would only work if he remembers to set the timer before entering the shower. Other shower-safe models may have a timed alarm but it doesn't look like a super common feature.

If it doesn't need to be *in* the shower, I'd just get a cheapish alarm clock (I'd lean towards battery-powered for safety) and keep it in the bathroom. It may give out sooner than in a drier environment but it wouldn't be a great loss if so.

Another option might be to get a shower-safe bluetooth speaker to amplify the phone's alarm. If you want something loud, I'd recommend one of the Ultimate Ears speakers, like the Wonderboom.

(I suspect a better option would be for your son to start showering earlier; if this is a consistent problem, then working backwards to prevent it from being a problem is likely going to work out better.)
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Trying to stay away from anything that needs to rest on a surface as there is zero counter space; suction cups/hanging seems to be the way to go. The major issue is that he needs to be able to see the timer while in the shower, and a kitchen timer won't work for that. So far, Lyn Never's shower alarm clock is in the lead in terms of function/moisture-resistance/space-saving.
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Amazon.com. A cheap sports waterproof watch with a countdown timer will do.

Edit to make link to include 'waterproof'.
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Another approach would be blinking the bathroom lights after X minutes, or having a differently-coloured light come on.

Our central bathroom fixture is controlled by a movement sensor that blinks the lamp a couple of times before switching off half a minute later; this works for our situation because the movement sensor doesn't detect bodies in the shower. But just fitting a remote-controlled colour-changing LED bulb that works off a smartphone app could serve the same purpose if that app has some sort of timer option.
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I have a Google Home mini wall mounted in my bathroom (it comes with a little wall mount peg). To set an alarm or a timer, I just say, from the shower, "hey google, set a timer for 30 minutes." The thing hears me over the shower and, even better, confirms the command by saying back to me, "ok, I set a timer for 30 minutes." It's a speaker so it can get very loud.
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