Where do I look for more comfortable jeans?
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I have a pair of these "stretch flannel" jeans. They're by far the most comfortable pants I own, so they get worn a lot, so they're getting worn out. It looks like Levi's stopped making them - where can I get pants in a similar style and fabric?
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Joe's Jeans at Nordstrom?
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Lands End?
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A clarifying question- are these pants stretchy like leggings that are made to look like jeans or are they jeans with a little bit of stretch? The original pair doesn't have the specific fiber content, so it is hard to tell.

These Izod are sold as "COMFORT STRETCH: Made with blue stretchy denim fabric, these pants are the perfect gift for men who want jeans to fit them instead of fitting into slim skinny jeans; like stretch pants, they move and flex with you." Here they are in a denim wash.

These are Levi's that have stretch, but are not stretchy.
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Amazon sells a magical thing called PajamaJeans. I’m a woman but it looks like they sell men’s as well. They’re comfy and look just like jeans.
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They're jeans with some stretch, not leggings that look like jeans. The label with fiber content information is torn, the stub that's left says "63% cotton".
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I just looked at Macy's website. They seem to be available.
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Uniqlo has a line of men's EZY jeans that are super soft and stretchy.
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