In US for 2-3 weeks, need a SIM and great Wifi and hotspot connectivity
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Need to buy a cellphone SIM and cell plan for one month only in Florida. I need fast internet and hotspot capabilities for my laptop. Phone calling isn't important, although texting would be nice. Will leave US by end of month. Solutions/suggestions?
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I'd go for a T-Mobile Prepaid plan. They're a good combination of not-too-expensive and reasonably easy to use without a contract. You can go to a T-Mobile store (they are ubiquitous) or order a SIM online, though I don't know if they will ship outside of the US. Note that the "unlimited" data is really just 10GB of data at 4G then unlimited at 3G, but I think you might be able to pay for a top-up if/when you get through your 10GB.

Which carrier is best probably depends on the exact area you'll be in, though.
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I live in Hong Kong and usually order this at a digital travel agency like KKDay ($50/30 days for unlimited 4G on T-Mobile). Perhaps also look at pocket wifi devices? Klook has this wifi egg thing with unlimited 4G for USD 3.89 a day.
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What you are looking for is a no contract plan with a hotspot, and sadly in the States that limits your options. Most plans have hotspot limits, and plans with decent allotments tend to be contract plans.

Last I checked most carriers have signifigant limits to their 'unlimited' plans, so TMobile's $70 Magenta plan has a 3GB hotspot data cap. If price is a factor I would consider going with one of Metro's plans, which is part of Tmobile. Of all the MVNO's they (and Mint) are actually functional in the real world, and I experienced infrequent throttling/data deprioritization. The MetroPCS plan for 60$ includes a 15Gb cap on the hotspot, which is a decent starting point. Metro also sells a hotspot device, and will mail you everything you need and set up is online and quick.

If price is less of a factor both AT&T and Verizon have unlimited data plans, but in my experience AT&T will throttle it's prepaid plans more often than Metro does. So you end up getting the same level of service but costs more for lower limits.
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The subreddit r/nocontract is useful for information on prepaid plans. They have a comparison spreadsheet which may help you find a plan that satisfies your requirements: tblMT9jc52KzViC0K/viwHyz9rCOEY8L4w5
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Google Fi doesn't require a contract and has access to the bottom 3 of the 5 largest networks in the US, which results in very good coverage in urban areas but occasionally sparser than Verizon and AT&T (the two biggest ones) in deeply rural areas. If you have a compatible phone, you can tether/hotspot off it and get unlimited data for $60 for a month, though it's throttled speedwise at a certain point. You can pay extra for additional high speed data.
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TING has a no-contract, pay-as-you-go plan that includes free tethering/hotspot, but you pay for data/minutes/txts separately. There's a chart on the website so you can figure out if it works for your usage. Just order a sim card and they'll mail it to you. They roam (for free) on 2 networks, so their coverage is always available.
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Beware, If you didn't buy your phone in the US, it is probably GSM only and therefore can't work on the Verizon or Sprint networks. You will need to choose between AT&T and T-mobile.
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Echoing sexyrobot to say Ting does what you need. I've used Ting for years and the service is good.
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(And I believe they do both CDMA and GSM... I believe over Sprint and T-Mobile. Definitely check your current data usage in settings to see if it works pricewise though. The main benefit is free tethering and excellent reception.)
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Not all SIMS/carriers work with all phones, and it can get granular - the European model may not work with a carrier, though the US model does.
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Thank you all, especially loved the Airtable @unid41 pointed to, but I believe Candleman's Google Fi suggestion will be my best fit.

I'm never disappointed and forever amazed at the quality of the AskMeFi community.
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