Where can I find "calmer" election coverage?
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During the midterms we watched a Youtube stream of Pod Save America on election night and it was perfect: they didn't talk incessantly, they gave periodic updates, and then took breaks with the sound off where they went to cuddle dogs. This year Pod Save America is only doing pre-election coverage -- does anyone have a different calm election coverage source to recommend?
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PBS isn't going to have any puppies, but they do tend to be more sober than the other networks.
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Crooked Media will have live coverage on YouTube starting in about 90 minutes.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! Crooked Media = the Pod Save America guys, but they and their puppies are planning to sign off really early in the night. Keep the suggestions coming...
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My go-to for election nights is Al-Jazeera. The live stream is free on YouTube and I think the remove of watching the results come in from an international perspective takes some of the anxiety out of it while still providing objective information without the pyrotechnics you might find on American news sources. Just my .02.
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Crooked Media's coverage is going side-by-side with PBS; we just turned off the Crooked feed for the night but have stuck with PBS News Hour thus far.
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I like listening to NPR, calmer than any cable news.
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