How can I hire a researcher (librarian?) for a short-term project?
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We are making a commemorative book for one of our clients (M&M's candies). We are trying to include some "feel-good" quotes about the M&M's brand - anything that has been said about the brand, in trade magazines, song lyrics, printed books, said in the news...anything positive. Because this is a work project I can throw some money at this but am having trouble finding a researcher.

I have tried upwork with little success. Is there somewhere I can hire a librarian and/or researcher (ideally with access to resources that I don't have) to search for things that have been said about the brand? Thanks for any advice!
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There are definitely companies that do this (History Associates is one I know about, though I've never worked with them). If you're looking for an independent researcher, you might trying posting on Archives Gig.
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MetaFilter Jobs?
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Hi, I used to work at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson. Mr. Mars gives generously to them and has a free kids event every year with Mars candy prizes and activities.
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I would do this! Feel free to DM me, but if you want a larger range of options you can look at INALJ (I need a library job) who has paid and free job posting options. But honestly MeFi Jobs would probably be fine for this too.
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There are a shit ton of museum people out of work right now, and the vast majority of them have professional research skills. Take a look at
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