Glassblowing but with cheese
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I would like to see a glassblower doing something interesting with cheese, please.
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Cheese bubbles? Is this something you saw in Wisconsin?
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I could probably blow something with a can of aerosol cheese but I'm not going to.
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Guys the request was perfectly clear.
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When I cook just cheese in the pan, it makes a layer of browned cheese that is malleable for a few seconds when I remove it from the pan.

So I figure there has to be at least one video of a glassblower doing something with cheese! I know blowing sugar is a thing.
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I think it's a good question. Unfortunately the cheese making problems known as "early blowing" and "late blowing" make this hard to search for. But if you want some science and history on that — wow there is some good stuff available.
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Galalith, made from casein (“Casein is the main protein of milk, especially in coagulated form as in cheese. The name comes from the Latin caseus : Cheese) looks a lot like glass.
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This is the best askme I’ve ever seen.
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Reminder: Emphasis on glassblowers doing interesting things with cheese, please.
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This guy is a chef, but the mozarella balloons look like glass (you tube)
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