4 panel classical paintings similar to Alphonse Mucha's Four Seasons?
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A long time ago I became enamoured with a puzzle of what I believe is a classical painting that has a similar set up to Alphonse Mucha's Four Seasons but can't remember what it was. Help?

Here is Mucha's 4 seasons.

I think that the painting in question had a similar 4 narrow vertical panels, art nouveau style, but with bolder colours. Unfortunately my knowledge of art is limited and poor, so I'm hoping you'll be able to help me! Thanks in advance!!
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Oh, i forgot to add that I don't think it's Mucha's Times of the Day paintings either.
posted by vespertinism at 8:31 PM on October 26, 2020

His The Arts?
posted by bertran at 8:34 PM on October 26, 2020

Also by Mucha, The Precious Stones and The Flowers.
posted by taz at 12:50 AM on October 27, 2020

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