Looking for a cheap... minimally adequate webcam (2020 edition)
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Any recommendations/ personal experience with cheap (non Logitech) webcams in 2020? (Ideally <$20 USD). There are times when I am obligated to be on webcam, but don't want to share my face nor my work space in full high definition glory.

With the recent purchase of a second external monitor, my usual webcam (the laptop) no longer fits on the desk at the precise angle to avoid sight of Mount Washmore.

Webcam needs to be compatible with Windows 10 and perch on top of an external monitor. Audio quality is not important, because I will be on headset. Regarding video quality, within reason a narrow view angle is preferred. 780p is probably the max resolution required. I don't want to fiddle with a non-webcam solution.

The Logitech C310s cost $50 ten years ago as well as today. There are a ton of off brand <$20 webcams on ebay/ amazon. Surely there's one that that is the right kind of terrible to meet my needs.

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I went on this journey earlier this year, though my price range was more $25ish because I needed a decent microphone. I am certain you will be fine with any of the $9-19 options.
However, they're all wideangle. I could not find one that wasn't, but I DID find some with a manual focus. What I ended up doing was putting it on a selfie stick tripod set as far back as possible on my desk and focus it slightly in front of me so I was ever so slightly soft-focus. (Ultimately I ended up running a clothesline across the room behind me and hung colorful shower curtains, just to obscure the clutter behind me.)
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I'm not sure where you're located, but in Germany I recently was in the same situation, requiring a cheap and relatively low quality webcam, and this one has been fine:

I got it for €12 at the local electronics store, it has manual focus, relatively narrow view angle, and easily mounts on my external monitor.
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