Where to stay with dog near First Hill (Seattle)
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Where should I stay with my (small, clean, very good) dog near the First Hill Surgery Center in Seattle? He is super excitable around traffic so I need someplace calmish. Airbnb is fine but what neighborhood am I looking for? No more than say 20 minutes away very early on a weekday morning. Thanks!
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Neighborhood-wise you have your pick of places south of the ship canal (you could go as far as Fremont or even Northgate, but 20 minutes would be the absolute shortest amount of time from there). Capitol Hill is the closest residential neighborhood, and likely has many Airbnb options for a price, the Central District just South of CH is more neighborhoody and may also be what you seek.

But! there are plenty of hotels downtown (between Madison to Virginia, from 5th to 1st), a 10 minute bus ride away and probably 5 min by car in the wee hours... and hotels are not only the safest option during a pandemic, but also could definitely use your business in a way that the gobbling up of housing by airbnb people, raising rental prices for everyone in an already expensive city, don't need any help with.
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Oops! Edit due to the traffic comment--will you be walking to your appointment? There will be traffic anywhere you do. If you mean audible traffic outside, including human foot traffic, you may need to do AirBnB. Queen Anne or Fremont, or again the Central District (Yesler to Madison, 12th-29th, not Capitol Hill) may be the quietest options. Look for places over 10 blocks from an I5 onramp, and keep in mind that any traffic you experience on your way is heading to the onramps, which are clustered West of First Hill.
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I've stayed in the Belltown Inn a couple of times (3rd at Bell) and it's on a calmed/pedestrian street in Belltown. They allow pets with a $200 refundable deposit. There is traffic on 3rd and 2nd, but Bell adjacent to the hotel is a plaza street. I will warn that if you are nervous around a "street element" it may not be to your liking but I have been around there day and night and it's quite safe and fine; there is just a "street element" (ie homeless and offbeat general street people).
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Honestly, the sorrento hotel on Capitol Hill would be fine. You are east of I-5 and any sort of commuter traffic, walking distance of the the surgery center, and you can walk your dog through seattle university (on-leash only). With covid, surface streets aren’t going to be too crazy. Check and see if cal Anderson has reopened yet; it would be another great green space to take your dog.
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Response by poster: Thanks, yes, I figured out that the Sorrento was really close and I’ve stayed there before and liked it, plus they offer a discount for medical stays, so that’s where we’ll go!
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