Power Query, but in Google Sheets
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I am working with a non-profit that uses Google Suite for their office technology. I am trying to implement some dashboards and data tracking. In Office 365, I would use Power Query to automatically pull new data from additional spreadsheets in a specific folder into the dashboard file. Is there a parallel feature in Google Sheets?
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From one google sheet to another, =QUERY is great and can absolutely be used to pull data from a different file elegantly using =IMPORTRANGE

From a CSV or another type of file, it's a little trickier. You can use something like Google Apps Script to script it (this example is solid), or apparently there are third-party tools that can help like Sheetgo (no endorsement, I've never used it).

(Full disclaimer: I've never actually used power query myself, so I'm only 80% sure it's the same thing as what you're asking. But I do use google sheets quite a bit.)
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Oops, I take back the second thing I said - apparently IMPORTXML (for XML, CSV, HTML, TSV, RSS, ATOM XML feeds) and IMPORTDATA (for CSV) are also options, though may need some finagling to pull from google drive. TIL!
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It sounds like Data Studio might help with what you're looking for? I've used it to build a few dashboards for work.
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