Resistance bands advice,tips,site for beginners?
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Hello; Anybody using Resistance bands? I would like to know your experiences,tricks,as Im thinking of buying this to lose weight,gain muscle. Also-if you have a web site that would be good for beginners,please share. Thank you :-)
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I bought a set based on this Wirecutter review and sadly, have not begun to use them yet so I can't offer any results. The brand I bought (Bodylastics) offers a series of instructional and training videos on their website.
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I bought the Arena Strength bands and they are excellent (very high quality). They come with exercise and nutrition guides. There's also an app (paid) and lots of free workouts available on their FB and IG pages. It's also a woman-owned business if that matters to you. Highly recommend!
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If you're talking about high "weight" bands with handles, rather than the loops, I strongly recommend finding or making a very good anchor point and wearing safety glasses. In my case, the "close it in the door frame" foam anchor provided broke the door after three workouts and left me with bruises. (I bought these. They're fine, and have held up well for six months, though I have no reason to believe they're better than others.)
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Just to add--I'm speaking of "pull up"bands.
Unable to attach a band to something here,lol.
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This YouTube channel is great for basic exercises and for clever band set ups for different movements. I took a lot of ideas from here when putting together a resistance band workout program for my dad.

For more "advanced" stuff, I like this Youtube playlist from pro bodybuilder John Meadows.
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I bought this Denise Austin workout on DVD in 2004 and it is still my go-to for a comprehensive beginner level workout. You can adjust the difficulty by changing out the band resistance. I've used everything from the yellow/tan when I was recovering from injury to the green when I was in great shape and just wanted to do a familiar workout.
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