Collective storage & collaboration space for activists
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I'm looking for a way for a small activist group to collectively store & access online documents like minutes and collaborative project proposals. Needs to be easily accessible with minimal technical hassle.

I'm part of a small but growing action group developing projects to promote safe public spaces and non-motorised transport. We're currently sharing documents using email attachments. Our temporary central storage is a folder on my Google drive.

But it would be better if we have a storage and collaborative space owned not by just one person.

We need a place that we can all have access to and ownership of to develop documents and create a mini library and archive of resources and documents in progress. Example: One project idea is to develop a collaborative 'toolbox' to help activists navigate government policy and procedures.

I have experience with GSuite at my workplace - it has shared drives that can be owned by more than one user. It's possible to get a free Gsuite account for NGO's.

However using Gsuite would require that all users need to get a new Gmail email address. My experience is that people are reluctant to create new accounts and addresses.

I have some experience with Trello. Also our group has a Slack channel, however uptake has been slow.
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What my group does is use a Google Drive account owned by the group. That is, activistgroup@gmail is the owner of the Drive account.
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Notlost - that's interesting. Does one person hold the password?
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One person administers the account (the little bit of administration that there is to do). But the password is shared among just a few of the top leaders of the group.
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You should use the services at Activist created tool for exactly what you are talking about, you don't have to use Google, way safer/more private.
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You can give a Google account a backup/ security account and a phone number in case of problems. Make sure the security information for the account is shared by several people. Google will ask for previous passwords, the date the account was created, not sure what else. that information should be documented. Start the new account by emailing the joint owners, stating the ownership clearly, might help if there's ever a lockout.
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What about Keybase?
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