Trying to remember the name of a Mac warez site I used to go to
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When I first started college in 1996, I remember my friend telling me about a site where I could dial in and get cracks for various software. I went there a few times, but can't remember the name of it. I have no interest in pirating software; I just want to see if there are any articles about it. Here are the details I remember: - I remember it being exclusively for Mac applications. - It was really only possible to get on early in the morning and for only 20 or so minutes.
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Best answer: Hotline maybe?
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Best answer: Yes, sounds like a particular Hotline server that was only up for brief periods of time. Hotline was heavily Mac-oriented at first and started getting popular in early 1997. Standalone serial number collections like HackUser were updated monthly and readily available on Hotline.
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Best answer: Was it a BBS or an ftp site? If it was a BBS, lists of the old boards and their telephone numbers are circulating here and there (like this one covering Atlanta). Google for "year city bbs" and something should shake out.

I found this list of big FTP sites from the mid-90s - I hadn't thought about sumex or in...well, since the mid 90's.
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Best answer: Is there any chance it was a Carracho server?
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Best answer: Wow, total blast from the past. I don’t think Carracho came on the scene until 1998-99 or so. KDX followed a few years later. I miss these days.
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Response by poster: It had an odd name that I can't remember, but it could very well have been a Hotline server. Thanks all!
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