Transplanting Cactus
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Can I transplant cacti from a 1" clay pot to a 4" successfully? Is this too big of a size jump?
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The cactus will be fine if you use the right soil. Plants don't mind extra space and aren't overwhemed by it. It might look a lot smaller, though.
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I did this two years ago. The cactus was tiny. It has since grown to fill much of the pot. They're slow growers, but this one wasn't. Good luck!
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The problem with big size jumps in pot size is that often the soil won't dry out enough between waterings. What I mean is, the roots don't reach enough of the pot, so there's this "dead space" where water can sit for a while. Too much dead water in an organic environment means fungus and rot.
So, as long as you're careful about how you water your cactus, it should be okay.
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Now that I've got them in these 4" pots, how do I best water them? Up till now, I've set the cute little 1" terra cotta in 1/2" of water for 20 minutes, then set them in the sun. Will that still work?
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I have about 10 cacti, all in terra cotta, some in store-bought 'cactus soil', some in rock mixes. FWIW, I leave them outside in the summer, and they get a lot of rain, and a lot of sun. No problems with root rot yet.

During the winter, I give them a nice watering every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes a little more frequently for the smaller ones if they look like they need it.

I've never had a problem transplanting to a larger pot, just don't bury them too deep.
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bh is right, but water at a MAXIMUM of every three to four weeks. "Look like they need it" is a weird rule of thumb for cacti, that means Totally Dessicated and Actually Shrinking Substantially, not " the sand was dry."

Repot in clean, non-clay sand, but after you repot, just leave them alone. Do not water once you repot, wait about two weeks.

When I was 18 and 19 I worked at a cactus nursery. It was the most boring job I ever had: a little like being the Maytag Repairman.
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Ever planted something in the ground (y'know, where plants normally grow?) That's a damn big pot :)

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