Why does my apartment have two kinds of power outlets?
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I live in a recently renovated apartment in the US. My apartment has plentiful three prong power outlets, mostly two-to-a-panel. However, there are also a few single outlet panels, sometimes right next to the two-panel variety. The outlet itself is round and protrudes out from the panel a bit. Additionally, these don't seem to work? What could possibly be the reason for this?
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Can you post a photo to Imgur? Is the single outlet panel also three-prong? Does the plastic facing of that kind of outlet look a lot older? (Is the pain flecked off of the screws affixing it to the wall?) When you say the outlet is round, do you mean the plastic where the two or three prongs go is round, or the entire facing is round? (Old phone outlets, before we had plug-in touch-tone phones, had round "outlets" for phones.)
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Also when was your place built?
Which rooms have these dead single outlets- and were these areas once laundry or kitchen areas?
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Best answer: By windows and one slot is a T? Dedicated air conditioner plugs.
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I too think they might be for a window AC, if they are 20 amp plugs. Have you checked to see if any of the apartment's circuit breakers are turned off?
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High voltage outlet, for an AC like flimflam said, or possibly some other large appliance like a clothes dryer.
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Response by poster: Flimflam nailed it, they're all directly under windows. Thank you!
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The plugs may be off at the circuit breaker panel, if they don’t work. The “T” is for the mythical 20 amp plug for an appliance that pulls more than 15 but less than 20 amps. In practice, these almost never exist. However, it is definitely good practice to have a large window AC unit on its own circuit, and for that circuit to have a 20 amp circuit, since that means 12 gage wires, and therefore everything running cooler than it otherwise would.
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If you have electric heat there may be an interlock somewhere that prevents the Heat and A/C circuits from being powered at the same time.
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