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I'm trying to use my slow cooker/crock pot more, but I have some dietary restrictions. Can you suggest some recipes that are complete meals (so don't need rice or an additional side), are dairy and gluten free, and are red meat/pork free too?

I also have weakness in my hands/wrists so tough vegetables to peel and chop like squash and sweet potato are difficult. I'm in France and dairy/gluten replacements are limited so I prefer just to omit these. I want to use the slow cooker more as my energy is limited and best in the morning, so doing my dinner cooking then works well for me.

I have seen this previous question but I'm not low fodmap and can eat beans.

Thanks so much in advance!
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Best answer: Lentil soup, you can omit the carrot if it’s too hard to peel and chop, or substitute with baby carrots. Low for 8 hours
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Best answer: I love this Turkish bride soup so much. Just dump all the ingredients into the crockpot.

You might consider getting a cheap food chopper so you don't have to chop veggies.
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If you want something meat based, here is a lamb curry-like dish, Aromatic Lamb Warmer - Slow Cooker Version.
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Response by poster: shoesietart, I'm not eating red meat. Thanks all so far.
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Best answer: Throw whole new potatoes and baby carrots at the bottom, sprinkle on seasoning, and drizzle with 2 tbsps olive oil.

Stand 4 or 5 chicken drumsticks or 3-4 thighs (with seasoning rubbed in under the skin) vertically on the potatoes and carrots with the bone resting against the side of the pot.

If yours is an instapot-like device, cook this on the poultry setting, i.e. at medium/high pressure for about 12 minutes and then another 20 minutes on off or low to slowly release the pressure.

If you want to slow-cook, you'll need to add in a cup of broth, and then it can go 8 hours on low - you'll end up with veggies cooked to stew-like consistency and more tender chicken (so if you're slow cooking, you can use chicken breasts instead of thighs/drumsticks and it won't be dry).
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Best answer: Minimalist Baker, which is my go-to for dishes that are easier to prepare, appears to have quite a few results when searching for slow cooker. Lots of 1-pot meals on there. Many recipes are vegan, but not all. The recipes are marked with gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, naturally sweetened as appropriate.
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Best answer: For a complete meal in a slow cooker without meat, I can recommend this delicious Moroccan-inspired stew. I love the suggestion to top this with goat cheese, but It’s fine without. Does require chopping an onion and some carrots; I typically leave out the red bell pepper as I don’t think it’s necessary, so feel free to skip it if it feels like one vegetable too many to chop. Delicious and leftovers improve with time. Lasts nearly 4-5 days in my two-person household.
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Best answer: I'm not sure which ingredients you can get in France, but this white chicken chili is delicious and easy. It calls for cheese at the end, but that can easily be omitted. I hope you can find Salsa Verde (green tomatillo salsa). The only chopping is onion, garlic, and jalapeno (optional depending on whether you like spice). For onion, at least in the States, you can find it pre-chopped in the supermarket (either frozen or fresh). The recipe is quite adaptable. Add corn or hominy towards the end if you like. Add cilantro. Serve with tortilla chips or crackers.
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Best answer: I enjoy Pintos Picadillo. It does have you stir in cooked rice at the end, which might violate your “no rice needed” requirement? But you could also add uncooked rice about an hour before serving, and let it cook in the crockpot. Or buy precooked rice (like in shelf-stable packets) and use that.
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Response by poster: Rice getting added an hour before the end is fine, thanks again to everyone.
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Response by poster: I've ordered a mini chopper, thanks shoesietart. The soup looks lovely but bulgur isn't gluten free in case anyone else considers it.
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