Find me the ideal tweezer
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My partner has a very old (decades-old) pair of Revlon tweezers. They allow me to tweeze hairs without looking in a mirror, because they have a blunt tip that does not grab or poke my skin. I've tried for years to find these or comparable tweezers, and have had no luck. Searching for "blunt tip" gives me pointy, poky tweezers. eBay might be my best bet if I knew what to look for. I need this magical combination of a great grip but also a relatively wide, blunt tip and am tired of buying substandard tweezers. Help? Images of the tweezers in question.
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It's hard to see but they look similar to these "square tip" Revlon tweezers. The model is 2328-10 - you may be able to find better pictures (and hopefully a pair that's not $27) to see if they're actually what you're looking for.
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“Round tip” tweezers might get you closer to what you want.
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Yeah, I was able to find results using the search term round tip tweezers.
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For the sake of completeness: I'm also seeing some that look similar (plain stainless steel handles) that are model 2530-35 (I think those are extra fine?) and 2530-11. Not 100% clear on the difference.
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Try If anybody would have what you're looking for, it should be them.
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I've become a devotee of some small inexpensive slant-tip white-handled tweezers that seem to be on the shelf at local drug stores. They work better than any Tweezerman models I've tried. They might be Revlon brand.
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I'd go tweezerman or some other slant edge and round off the pointy tip with a bit of sandpaper. The grip on those is really good.
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"duckbill tweezers" is a phrase used in labs and might be useful. (I recommend TDI for all tweezer needs, though they may be more expensive than typical consumer ones.)
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The One True Tweezer is the 2530-11! (The other ones don't have as much surface area touching on the tip.) I was able to get a couple of pairs on eBay. Expensive but worth it. Thank you, needsmorecowbell!
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