It's fall, it's hoodie time
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I want to treat myself to a really comfy full zipped hoodie. Give me your best recommends!

I'm male and 5'10" if it matters. Let's say... $75 or less unless it's the most amazing hoodie ever, then I might stretch the budget.

Not that it MUST be full zipped, that's non-negotiable.
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I have a UNIQLO fleece-lined hoodie that is astonishingly comfy. I'm pretty sure it was this, but it looks like that's no longer being produced and I can't find anything exactly comparable on their US website, so that's not very helpful. It's a bit warm for walking around in the fall, but it's a fantastic lounging-on-the-couch hoodie, and a good layer in the winter under something wind resistant.
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Mr Corpse has one from Costco that he loves. I bought it just a few weeks ago; it's this year's model. It isn't on their website, unfortunately. Full zip, warm, some sort of performance fabric (not sweatshirt fleece), Napoleon pocket, somewhere around $20.
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Ha figurant, I was just about to recommend my Uniqlo fleece-lined hoodie, I love it! Perfect for hibernating at home, super comfy and warm.

This product listing looks like this year's model, available in all sizes in US. But the product description suggests it's been redesigned to be "sleeker and less bulky" which may have come at the expense of snugness? Would still recommend you give it a shot, especially at $40.
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My American Giant hoodie is the one piece of clothing I'd save in a fire. I've had it for maybe a decade and think I paid $100 for it and it looks brand new despite heavy Wisconsin winter usage. Super comfy and super well-made.
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seconding the American Giant rec. It gets advertised all the time on social media and such as "the best hoodie ever" or whatever and that made me so skeptical, but it really is just super good. I have so many hoodies from all over the place but this is really the only one I ever wear.
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Land's End Sherpa Hoodie. It's lined with this incredible long-pile wooly insulation, without the itch of wool. Mine's 4 years old and still looks and feels brand new. This thing is the coziest garment I've ever owned, and tough enough that it comes camping with me. It's $10 over budget, but it's also a one-time purchase that won't fall apart quickly like most fast fashion houses' stuff (plus Land's End has a very generous guarantee policy).
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This definitely falls in the splurge category but I have a Reigning Champ heavyweight hoody that's literally the best hoody ever. Mine is made in Canada, I think they still manufacture here.
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I’ll put in a dissenting voice regarding American Giant. I found their standard hoodie too heavy and the fabric is “crunchy” and never got soft no matter how much I washed it. Currently UNIQLO is my near-fave.
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You didn't mention if you were looking to go super heavy or light or in-between, but Gustin has waffle-knit hoodies on offer. Takes a bit of time since it's a kickstarter-type model. I got my wife one last year and she wore it pretty much constantly all winter.
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Another AG counterpoint: My husband and I love our American Giant hoodies (I have two, he has one) but I wouldn't describe them as comfy. Both the "classic" and "storm" are heavyweight and a bit stiff and retail for over $100, although there is a midweight version that is less (but probably not softer since these are meant to be durable).

Possibly even less helpful since I'm also not in the target demographic but my comfiest full zip hoodies are both by Champion. Pretty sure they are both Powerblend products.
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My Pact hoodies (I have a couple from a few years ago) are SUPER soft and comfy.
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I love my American Giant hoodie with a burning passion, and it has so far lasted 4 years.
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I have an ancient MEC (R.I.P.) hoodie that I'm pretty sure is made by Oceanic. I scored a bunch of other Oceanic clothing recently, and the quality and softness is amazing.
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I used to have a Brooklyn Industries one that was a favorite for years. Here is an option in solids.
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Carharrt or nothing for me. The durability is next level. I’m still wearing Carharrt hoodies I bought 12 years ago.
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Another vote for the Uniqlo fleece-lined hoodie. Mine is four years old and getting worn in spots because I basically live in it.
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I have a UA hoodie, which I have dubbed "OverArmour."
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I liked the hoodie I ordered years ago from Topatoco so much I bought an unprinted one in another color. It's the American Apparel flex fleece zip hoodie. Very soft on the inside, well constructed zip and hems, proper hood shape so it doesn't look goofy when up, comes in nice colors, front pockets, a medium weight that fits under jackets but suffices for a bit of chill, hasn't frayed after a bazillion washes. I am not a fan of american apparel by any means but I couldn't find anything similar after a couple years of mall-perusal.
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Carhartt rain defender. Good hood design, pockets don't dump your stuff when you sit down, boring color choices.

If you ever are looking for a pullover hoodie check out Mountain Meadow Wool. They're making fully traceable wool clothing to a high standard. Doing it once, as proof of concept, is remarkable; making it a functional business is practically unique.
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I love my Patagonia Better Sweater beyond all reason (after I realized I had worn mine literally every day for 2 weeks, I bought one for my husband. A month or so later he looked down at his chest as he was wearing it and said "I guess I live here now".)

We have the non-hoodie formats but it does come in a hoodie version (which now that I'm in the edit window I am realizing is basically all but sold out).
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Oh hell yeah specifically Carharrt rain defender. They have some kind of water resistance that lasts for a couple of years. The material is heavy AF and if lined, warmer than anything else I’ve tried. I wear a hoodie almost every single day it isn’t over 75. I also work in arctic Alaska where fleece lined Carharrt hoodies are practically a uniform item under heavy winter gear. I have a collection of them going back, as I said, 13 years (and that’s only because my spouse won’t let me keep them when they get really ratty). I wear them to hunt and do agricultural work and fix cars, and I beat the hell out of them. No single item of clothing I’ve ever owned has been as rock solid durable. They’ve outlasted numerous pairs of boots. The cuffs get frayed, the material fades, and they just stay comfortable and warm and bulletproof for outdoor work.

If you’re less hard on clothing than I am with my various outdoor passions, a Carharrt rain defender may be the *last* hoodie you ever buy. They aren’t cheap for a reason. And when you drive by a road construction crew working in bad weather I guarantee you most of that crew is wearing Carharrt (or Dickies is the Chevy to Carharrt’s Ford).

There’s hoodies that last 3 years. And there’s Carharrt.
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In fact how I know it’s time for a new Carharrt rain defender is when the water resistance starts to fade at about 3 years old. I’m wearing a 6-7 year old lined one right now (to take plants out of the greenhouse) that is my regular beater hoodie for yard work in dry weather. It’s like an old friend, and other than having shed its water-resistance over probably a hundred hot water washes (I like getting really f’ing dirty) and having faded from dark black to something like dark gray, and having frayed cuffs (unavoidable with manual labor) every seam is solid, there are no holes, the zipper and tie work like new, and the fabric is still heavy but incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

I only get new ones because I (used to) wear them every day at the office job and a newish one looks presentable enough. Remember going to work?
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Thanks everyone! All good answers. I ended up ordering a hoodie from Pact because they had a sale and I was charmed with the delightful banana yellow option. I really like it! Although I'm not sure I would have paid $80 which is the current price. I might order another if there's another sale sometime.

I also ordered a Uniqlo hoodie, so waiting on that one. I thought hard about ordering one of those Gustin hoodies but I missed out on the timing.

Some of the other options were rejected because they didn't look soft and snuggly enough. But I'm going to keep this bookmarked for when I need bad-weather stuff as well.

Carharrt is basically the Maine uniform and they are plentifully available here at Renys stores. That said, I'm vain enough to admit that I don't really like the way their stuff looks on me. Agreed that it's indestructible, though.
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Final Update: I got the Uniqlo hoodie. I am currently wearing it because it's cold and I have no heat because my house is being renovated. It is divine. I'm going to order like four more.

Thanks everyone!
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Excellent! I love mine like a child.
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