Where can I find the extended-edition Lord of the Rings with Portuguese subtitles?
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Needs to be region 0 or region 4...

My good friends in Brazil would absolutely freak out if I could bring them a legit, fully packaged, copy of the extended edition Lord of the Rings to them this coming summer. Any idea where I could find a copy? It would have to be a region 0 or region 4 DVD...
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Try looking on torrents.to for Lord of the Rings that is ratdvd extension. They look just like store bought copies.
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Why not buy a region free player along with the disks?
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Or buy them a region 1 player.
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If you get them a region 1 player, remember, Brazil is PAL/M territory... NTSC DVD players from the USA/Canada are not going to be easy for someone from Brazil to use! (But not all that hard either, as their TVs don't suck like ours).
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Best answer: How about here? These should all be region 4.

I've used EzyDVD to order R4 discs from Australia before (I'm in the UK btw).
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easiest path: buy or rent the region 1 DVDs, rip and burn them as Region 0, Macromedia-free DVD-Rs
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Best answer: (you can then of course put the Region 0 DVD-Rs in the original Region 1 package, if they like packaging booklets etc)
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i've been able to crack the regions on any player i've had. codes are always online. I have to figure that your brazilian friends already know how to do it. if you are having trouble cracking the code, let me know and i'll send you some forums.
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