Treatment, care for bald heads?
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Besides sunscreen, is there anything to protect, repair or care for a bald pate?
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Bald guy for many years here. My dermatologist strongly recommends sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or more (all over the head, including ears and neck); avoiding prolonged sun exposure; and, most crucially in her opinion, wearing a broad-brimmed hat year-round. I like the ones made by Coolibar.

If you shave your head as I do, I find a schedule of 2-3 shaves per week at most is optimal. Any more and I find the scalp gets irritated.

Bar soap is a scalp irritant for me as well. I use a body wash when showering.
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A hat. Sunscreen may or may not have health risks, but a hat won't give you cancer. Unless it is from the 1800s and contains arsenic or mercury.
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Wear a hat. Moisturize. The advantage of being bald is you can care for your head skin like the rest of your skin. Wash it with soap, moisturize with skin lotion.
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I'm a little late on this, but I swear by this company's regimen:

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