Whiter whites without bleach?
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I switched to laundry detergent strips from Tru Earth (no plastic packaging yay!) but my white laundry is looking very dingy. I can live with it, but just wondered if there's a environmentally safe way to whiten things in the wash.
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Laundry bluing would help, but the commonly available brands will either a) add back plastic or b) not be very user friendly.
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Sodium percarbonate powder (aka "oxygen bleach") can help a lot. It usually comes in plastic tubs/jars/jugs but a little goes a long way. It doesn't have any harmful byproducts/waste products but I don't know much about how it's manufactured.
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I use this product on white towels and pillowcases. It is very user friendly.
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Wash white stuff separately. Hang it in the sun to dry for natural bleaching. This will help a little.
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a box of oxyclean powder ?
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Plain old bleach starts to decompose into salt and water pretty much as soon as it's diluted. Even non-dilute bleach hanging out in your laundry room only maintains potency for about 6 months. I'm trying really hard to find you a source that's not just wall-to-wall chemistry and failing, but bleach is pretty safe on its own.
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Oxyclean/ Sodium Percarbonate . It basically becomes hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water. It breaks down into water & oxygen molecules & does so quickly but is great for whitening clothes.
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I use the Oxi Booster pods from Dropps (I use their laundry detergent as well) on whites and on my gnarly gym/running clothes. It’s an Oxyclean equivalent. All cardboard packaging, the pods dissolve (and not into micro plastics!) In the wash.

Their dishwasher pods are good too. (I am not at all affiliated with them, I just dig the product.)
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Sunshine also works really well, even from through a bright window (but full sun on a line is the best).
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Borax, comes in a cardboard box and cheaper than OxiClean.
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That White Brite link from zdravo goes to a price-gouger on Amazon ... that product is readily available for much, MUCH less that it's going for at that link. (It's not a bad product, just a usurious price.) I use pro volume hydrogen peroxide from Sally's ... it is in plastic but a little goes a long way.
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Oxyclean and soak in hot water, then wash. Oxyclean can be bought in cardboard boxes.
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