Looking for name of WWII film with a woman who develops facial paralysis
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I am pretty sure it is a German film. It is about WWII, and the central character is a woman who marries a man whose best friend is a nazi official and late in the film she develops a facial paralysis

Looking for the name of a film

What I remember of the film is that the woman marries a man who is not a nazi but whose close friend is a nazi. The friend rises high in the party while the husband goes to war and returns a cold and violent man. Meanwhile, the wife, who is the centre of the film, raises a young child and deals with every adversity calmly and with optimism. That is until late in the film she develops a facial paralysis and wears a mask to cover it. This affliction destroys her equanimity and she can barely carry on.
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Best answer: Germany, Pale Mother?
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I've seen this film. I'll try to remember it.
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I think the toes have it actually.
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Yes, it's Germany, Pale Mother.
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Response by poster: Yes that's it - I googled and recognised the lead actress as soon as I saw it.

Wonderful - thank you.
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