Custom jewelry in Boston area?
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Does anyone have recommendations for custom jewelry in the Boston area?

For Mother's Day I would like to get my wife a Mother's Ring with the birthstones of our children. I see many variations online, but the gemstones they use aren't what I want. Specifically, they use Pink Tourmaline for October, and I would like to get the ring with Opal which will look nicer (sorry to any huge Pink Tourmaline fans out there).

Does anyone know of, or better yet had a good experience with, a custom jeweler in the Boston area? I wouldn't worry about price when reccomending, as I can always investigate each suggestion on my own.

Thanks for the help.
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Best answer: I had a very successful experience with Goldsmiths 3 in Concord.
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Down in Providence, RI, there are a ton of custom jewelers. In New England, Rhode Island has historically been a center for the jewelry business [PDF guide file by state economic development agency].
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My sister's old roommate is a jeweler in Somerville and I think she does really great work. She has historically been a little flakey on deadlines (totallly possible she's not anymore) but I know she has experience with setting moonstones and other gemstones, and she's nice and personable. She has a fairly modern style, here is a page of her custom work.
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