Auto mechanic Cambridge / Somerville MA
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Do you know a decent auto mechanic in the Cambridge / Somerville area? Or failing that, maybe some red flags to look for before contracting with a mechanic? I've got an 11 year old Hyundai that's got some weird electrical problem and a steering problem, and the NTB just isn't cutting it. Thank you.
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If you can make it to Medford I have been using Volsar Automotive and they have been excellent.
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aaa can put you in touch with people who won't scam you if you're a member
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I never went to them with an electrical or steering problem but Arco Tire in Teele Square Somerville does more than just tires and always treated my old cheap cars right.
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Go see Murph at Carzone! He’s great.
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Click and Clack's garage is in Cambridge.
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If you can dip into North Allston, Hondaa King which is now Oriental Car King (?!) was always my go-to, very reliable and honest. Pretty sure they do non-Honda products too, but worth a call to check, or it looks like you can message them on Facebook.
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aaa can put you in touch with people who won't scam you if you're a member

Anecdotally I can report the exact opposite happening multiple times to friends and family members. In my own opinion AAA is the biggest scam going. Roadside assistance (of a higher standard) is available from most auto insurers for substantially less than AAA membership.
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Seconding the recommendation for Click and Clack's place in Cambridge, Good News Garage. I no longer live in Cambridge (or have a car) but my Subaru and I were very satisfied with their service over a span of several years.

One minor caveat: if the service requires that your car stay overnight, it will probably be parked outdoors, curbside. On one visit I had a fender dinged as a result of that; the culprit might have worked there, but just as likely it was another patron backing out of their garage. When I mentioned it, they took a look, quickly determined that the dent was indeed fresh, and were happy to pay for a fix at the body shop next door.
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Cambridge local & car enthusiast, here. Good News is the place.
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Thank you! I will start making phone calls and see who has time for me!
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