Using a PC LCD Monitor as a TV?
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How can i use a PC LCD monitor as a TV, without using a PC? I found TV Tuners online, but they usually require a computer to be there.. I'm just thinking that, considering lcd tv prices, I might as well buy a bargain basement lcd monitor and hook it up to a tuner. and the cool thing is, the lcd monitor already has enough pixels to display HD!
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What do you consider a bargain? I recently purchased a refurbished Magnavox 15" HD ready TV with VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video and a built in regular TV tuner for $220.00
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Response by poster: i already have a 17" LCD monitor, and don't need it with my PC anymore...
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Best answer: Viewsonic sells a couple of products that might fit the bill. I've seen similar knockoff products on the market, too.

I'll second Gungho, though. I don't know that you'll save any money.
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Best answer: If it has composite (not component) or a S-Video inout, just use an old VCR - they have tuners in them.

If it only has a VGA input, you'll need something like this, which isn't really all that cheap - $200 for that one. Oh, but here's a cheaper one for $50.
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I do this with a Dell 2405, though I run the cable audio output through the PC's soundcard, since the monitor doesn't come equipped with speakers. The 2405 takes composite, component, and S-video inputs, and displays HDTV signals as well. (The 2405 also allows me to display the TV as picture-in-picture, overlapping one corner of the monitor when the monitor's used in PC mode.)
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I have seen Fry's Electronics selling standalone HDTV tuner for about $150 with remote control and everything. All you need to do is to hook it up with your monitor. will that work for you?
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I bought this: ADS TV Station 100 PTV-360-EF

Works pretty good.
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