Tablet + Running an Old Windows Program
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I want a tablet or very small laptop to surf internet heavily and use MS Money Sunset Edition, a piece of software from 2010. I'll be using the software weekly-ish. I am NOT open to using other finance software. I want to spend less than $500 all-in. What options am I missing?

I have been using a work laptop for my personal stuff last 10 years but that's no longer an option and I finally want to get something personal.

Options I've thought about:

1) Get a Microsoft Surface Go. Seems easiest butnot using the 'best' in tablet technology
2) Get an Ipad and virtual desktop into:
a) my wife's Macbook pro with a windows VM set up with MS money set up there. Con: not sure how to find workable, free/cheap old Windows versions to set up the VM
b) my wife's Macbook pro with some emulator software setup. CON: Have catalina, cant figure out how to get old non 64 bit software to work
c) an old cheap windows laptop that's connected to my router and turned on infrequently
d) a windows stick
3) Find another small sized windows laptop with some touch screen capability (thoughts there?)
4) Get an ipad and directly use the options in 2) (no remote desktop)
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Does your app run on windows 10?
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yes, it's worked on Windows XP, 7,8 and 10.
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I've used 1st-gen Surface Go for travel and they're remarkably competent machines for their size and weight. I would pick that over any of the other options you present, and definitely not bother with Windows stick or virtual desktop options.
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I have a Surface Go and like it a lot. However: you don't want the $399 base model; it's very slow - you'd want the 8GB/128GB Pentium Gold version at least. And depending on how useable your software is with a touchscreen (being from 2010, I'm going to guess it will be clunky at best), you're going to want the keyboard/trackpad cover for it too, so realistically you're looking at more like $700+.

My experience of using Remote Desktop from an iPad is painful, although that was several years ago and it may have improved.

I would probably go with option 4 - just get an iPad for browsing and "being a tablet", and run Windows in a VM on the MacBook.
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This link shows that there’s at least one person who got MS Money Sunset Edition working in Catalina using the Codeweavers Crossover (WINE) software. I used the Crossover software years back, it is kind of cranky but cheaper than buying Windows to run in a VM. Crossover has a free trial and is relatively inexpensive. It’s worth a try to see if you can reproduce this person’s results.
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Look for a used Windows 2-in-1 tablet, either 11" or 13". I have a Lenovo Flex 4 that's 14" which could work too. It would be "used" now because there are newer models. It came with a small solid state drive. So, surfing the internet 'heavily' would work pretty well and it will definitely run your MS Money. Dell has Inspiron 2-in-1 machines as well. The advantage of some of these is they fold over to be a tablet but you have a keyboard when you want it.
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