Like TomboyX, but for bigger hips
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TomboyX makes masc-style underwear for people with AFAB-type bodies — but their stuff doesn't fit my partner, who finds it either too tight in the hips or too loose in the waist. Is there similarly masc-coded underwear for people with bigger hip–waist ratios?
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Check out Play Out Apparel. Their line is gender-equal and size-inclusive, and they have a pretty comprehensive and descriptive size chart. I have a bigger hip-waist ratio and their boxer brief style works for my hips and thighs.

(Full disclosure: Play Out is my friend's company. I am a paying customer and do not receive any compensation from them.)
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I've just bought from GWBB and liked their boxer briefs. Maybe your partner can check their size chart to see if it will work for them?
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The MeUndies Men's trunk or Women's Boyshort might work for them. Their product is a combination of micromodal/elastane that holds on well. Personally, I have big hips and like the boyshort.
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The MeUndies men's underwear is pretty roomy in the front for people who don't have dicks (which may or may not be a concern depending on whether that might be a dysphoria trigger for them.)
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Response by poster: Yeah, avoiding dickroom would be ideal.
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If they haven't already, they might want to try the micromodal version of whatever tomboyx drawers they like. I have a pretty big hip-waist ratio, and in my experience, the micromodal fits a lot better and more comfortably than the cotton.
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