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I've derived alot of enjoyment from reading Quarter Bin and The Museum of Black Superheroes comic book websites, and I'd like to find more of the same.

More specifically, I'm looking for "online resources" that explore the fringes of comic book culture (sans gore or explicit sexuality please), and any suggestions on more conventional superhero fare that has good writing and cool artwork will also be greatly appreciated.
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You might like some of these blogs, some of them are more superhero focused than fringy:

Dave's Long Box
Polite Dissent
The Absorbascon
Comics Worth Reading
Precocious Curmudgeon
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The single greatest MeFi post ever.

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Lambiek's Comiclopedia gives short intros to thousands of independent/fringe comics writers and artists. It could use more samples, but it's a great place to nose around for artists you might want to explore more.

(Btw, you might have intended to use 'comicbooks' as a tag instead of 'comic books'. The latter gets broken into two separate tags that aren't so useful.)
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Wikipedia actually has a massive amount of comicbook related pages. Usually, the hero name (plus " (comics)" for names that have other meanings, like "Fathom (comics)"). There are many pages you could start surfing from.
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Response by poster: All awesome answers. Lots to look at. Thank you!
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Even more to look at: The Comic Weblog Update Page.

I enjoy Comics Should Be Good - eight contributors, each with a distinctive voice, discussing what they enjoy.
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Yeah, read my blog (!!! - Thanks, Gnat!) and the other blogs that I link to - they're smarter than me, certainly. I do think between all of the mentioned sited, you're going to get a broad view.
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