Sending a Google Form to a different Google account
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I created a customer satisfaction survey in Google Forms using my personal Google account. However, this survey is for work use so I would like to send the form to a new, work-specific Google account. I'm new to Google Forms, and thought it would be as easy as emailing or sharing a document, but it doesn't seem to be that straightforward. Can you help?
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This Google support article may help Share your form with collaborators .
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Does the form have data associated with it yet?

If no,
On the form edit page, you should be able to add a collaborator, which is your work account. On the work account, open "shared with me" to find it, and to break any connections to your personal account, make a copy of the form so you have a fresh version in your work account.
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You're much better off just re-doing the form using your work account. You can make your work account an editor but because your accounts aren't part of the same organization your work account can't be the owner. That means at some point (you quit, you stop working on this project, whatever) it's going to need to be recreated, so you might as well do it now. It's much better to not have any work stuff in your home accounts and no home stuff in your work accounts.
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You should be able to change the owner of a Google form.
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