Can you find this scholarly paper on Internet history and precursors?
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A few years ago I read an interesting PDF about the Internet and similar technologies. I can't find it anymore. The gist of it was that unlike the Cliffs Notes history of the Internet—Arpanet => Internet => WorldWideWeb => Today—it's not implausible that other competing technologies could have expanded and merged to link together the globe. The paper didn't go into too much detail: it was about a dozen pages long. But it covered some other technologies like UUCPnet and France's Minitel. Can you find this paper?
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possibly something by Kevin Driscoll?
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I found this chapter (PDF link) of the book The Internet Myth, which cites authors Martin Campbell-Kelly and Daniel Garcia-Swartz. I found their 2013 paper The History of the Internet: The Missing Narratives (PDF link) which is just what I was looking for.
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