What is this thing around the guy's neck
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What is this New Mexico militia fellow wearing around his neck in this photo?
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Looks like a neck gaiter.
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I think they mean the weird chain tin foil can thing on the other guy.
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Someone asked JJ MacNab on Twitter. She studies anti-government extremists, militia, sovereign citizens, etc, so if that chain-with-tinfoil is anything significant she's my first place to look for answers.

My guess is that it's related to the chain protesters were using to pull down the statue but I'm not sure what the connection would be
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Here's a larger image size direct from the Albuquerque Journal article.

It's a pretty flimsy looking chain, and while the item does sort of look like toiler paper covered in tin foil, I think it's thicker in the middle than a proper cylinder.
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Best answer: Seems like it's a homemade protest symbol against the COVID response and lockdown. Toilet paper = hoarding / liberal-hoax and the chain = lockdowns and restrictions.
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Response by poster: JoeZydeco: I like that. I was afraid that it was some kind of improvised medieval weaponry, like a mace or something.
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