Can I move a RAID array to SSDs just by swapping them out one-at-a-time?
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I have 2, 2TB spinning drives in RAID 1.

As long as I buy 2TB SSDs, and replace them one by one... can I just sorta fake out the RAID controller to rebuild two "failed" drives? I'm trying to minimize downtime.

As a bonus, I get this week's backup, twice?
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Theoretically, yes, because that's the whole point of a RAID controller.

In practice, you must have an offline, tested, full backup on other media before trying, because a RAID controller is the most common source of a false sense of security that leads to data loss.
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Yes, but I guarantee this will be the moment your hardware raid controller (or the other disk) fails.

So as long as you're OK with that, and you have actual backups, it's fine.
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Awesome. I'll give it a try after I do a full backup. Thanks!
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Note that rebuilding a raid mirror from the 2TB non-SSD will take some time.

Also note that your backplane will presumably be SATA. And that will be a speed limiting factor, as well as a mild source of incompatibility. Newer SSDs use the m2 form factor, which is smaller, and NVMe protocol which is faster. I tried buying a m2 -> sata adaptor for an NVMe drive only to discover that some m2 SSDs actually speak sata, and that was what the adapter was for.
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Two different 2tb drives are going to be just enough different size that the raid controller will get angry.

You will want to go through the effort to build a new array and copy from one to the other.
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