Smoking in the bath tub?
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Any smokers out there light up while showering or taking a bath?

A friend of mine is doing some research. He's especially interested in finding out if women smoke while taking baths.
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I recently stayed with a smoker for a couple of nights; she was also a huge slob. She had dozens of disintegrating cig butts sitting in the drain of her shower. That was the trip that I decided I'm way too old to stay at other people's houses.
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My housemate occasionally smokes in the shower. I still can't really figure out how or why he does it.

I only take about two baths per yer, but I definitely smoke when I do. There's nothing more relaxing.

I'm male, but I think that I'd still smoke in the bath if I were female.
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Years ago, when I smoked, smoked indoors, and had the free time to take a bath, I would very occasionally indulge in a long bubble bath, read a book, drink some wine, and smoke. This happened maybe three times in my life, and I'm pretty sure it was something I saw in a movie. It had nothing to do with being unable to wait for a cigarette, and everything to do with creating an atmosphere of lazy luxury.
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Baths, yes. Showers, no. There's something sultry about a bath with a glass of wine and a pack of smokes.
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When I was young and drunken and a smoker, yes. I'm not proud of it, nor the beer drinking while showering, but yes, I've done it.
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I smoked for a while. Definitely would smoke in the bath, but don't take many. Smoking in the shower would just be a waste of cigaretes. Smoking in a swimming pool was always my favorite. (I'm a guy, btw)
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I have smoked in both the shower and the bath before. Not cigatettes though.
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I read a lot in the bath, and in when I was a smoker, a cigarette or two was often a very nice accompaniment.
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My brother used to smoke cigarettes in the shower when he was a teenager. He thought that way no one knew he was smoking. Instead we thought he had OCD because he took like 15 showers a day.

Later when he copped to it, I said "Why didn't you just turn on the shower and pop a squat on the can to smoke?" It never occurred to him that he didn't actually have to take the showers to smoke.
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Yes to shower, yes to bath.Yes to cigarettes and joints. I've also done the drinking a beer in the shower and wine in the bath. oh. and i'm a girl.
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Now that I think about it, I used to know several girls who would drink beer in the shower. I never understood it. That's not what you're asking about though.
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do bong hits count?
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An ex of mine used to smoke while taking a dump.

Drinking in the shower is tops. Especially when it's beer on a hot summer afternoon.
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Dasein, anecdotal evidence is usually the best.
And by best, I mean the most entertaining.

I can see smoking while taking a bath, but how do you smoke while taking a shower? Won't the cigarette get all wet? Or do you step out of the shower every few seconds?
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I'm not a woman, but when I smoked indoors, or when I bathe outdoors, I tend to light up. I don't do this when I'm partaking in a cleansing ritual, only when I'm filling a tub with hot water to soak in. A number of women I've dated who were also smokers did the same thing.

Never seen it done in a shower though.
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but how do you smoke while taking a shower?

You keep it in your mouth and keep your head out of the spray. I can't remember if I ever did this when I was an indoor smoker, but I know I figured that was how I'd do it. Similar to shaving in the shower actually.
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Yes in the bath, and yes in the shower, but I just wanted to see if I could do it.
I could.
And hell yes to the smoking/swimming thing.
[I'm a fella]
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Now that I think about it, I used to know several girls who would drink beer in the shower. I never understood it. That's not what you're asking about though.

Drinking in the shower is an entirely different thing. There's nothing better on a hot day then taking a cool shower and drinking an ice cold beer at the same time. Mmmmm.
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how do you smoke while taking a shower?

Easy, just hold it out of the spray and move your head to the cigarette, same way you keep your beer from getting (more) waterlogged.
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I very occasionally smoke in the bath. I second the person who said that it has nothing to do with not being able to wait for a cigarette and everything to do with lazy luxury.

Smoking in the shower just seems too much trouble, and the idea had never crossed my mind. However, a beer whilst showering before a night out is the perfect way to get into the party mood.
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Back when I smoked, I did both. Smoking in the bath was a guarantee; smoking in the shower was a pain in the ass and I only did it a couple of times. You just step out of the spray and keep that hand dry until you're done with the smoke. Like I said, a PITA; not worth the effort at all.
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When I smoked, I would smoke in the bath while drinking beer and reading trashy magazines. Lovely little break, that was. Never in the shower, though. I'm female.
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I routinely smoke in both the shower and the bath... both cigarettes and more interesting substances. (I'm male.)

My girlfriend occasionally does the same.
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but how do you smoke while taking a shower?

TOP TIP : Buy a golfing visor and stick it over your top lip. Hey presto! Your cigarette stays dry!

I smoke in the bath whilst drinking beer and reading fairly regularly. Many moons ago I attempted to swim whilst smoking. That was not such a succesful endeavour (though if you wish to do so I find simply floating along on your back performing the crawl is the best method).
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I smoke, I don't smoke in the shower, and I have smoked in the bath, when taking a long soak and reading and sipping on a beverage, like many here.

I had a friend who quit smoking some time before I met him and I asked him how he did it. He said, "well, I was up to about two packs a day and then one day I found myself thinking about how to build an ashtray into my shower so I could enjoy a cigarette while in there and I realized that's just completely fucking crazy, so I quit."
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I second everyone who mentioned the joys of drinking a beer in the shower, especially right before going out.
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When I used to be an occasional joint smoker, smoking in the bathtub was one of my favorite things.
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I'd occasionally do the smoking in the bubble-bath thing, along with a good book, candle and glass of wine. I'm tempted to start smoking again just to indulge in that level of completely satisfying laziness. Good times.
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very early 30s (sigh) and i smoke (again sadly), and have never smoked in the shower, or bath... or bathroom for that matter. i don't think it's ever occurred to me to do so, and i'm slightly mystified that others do. i'm pretty sure i've never heard of it before too, hm.

who knew?

i think it seems a bit odd to me since i enjoy the smell of my soap, candles and towels in my bathroom... but maybe i'm weird? i also don't like smoking in the bedroom (and enforce said dislike for my significant and myself) because i hate the thought of that lingering odor in my clothing. hey, dry cleaning is expensive, you know?

basically, we only smoke in the living room.
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Smoke what?
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I have smoked in the shower, and recall enjoying it. I usually kept the cigarette burning in an ashtray and would lean out occasionally for a drag.

When I was a smoker, I don't think I ever lived anywhere with a bathtub in which I would voluntarily lie down so I've never smoked in the bath. Hot tub or pool, you betcha.

Beer in the shower is great. So is coffee in the shower.

jennyb = lady
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If I had a bath I'd definitely smoke in the tub, and have done in the past. It's definitely a luxury thing as others have said. As for the shower - never. It would never have occurred to me until I found out that my house mate ritually has a smoke in the shower but I can't see the appeal. Having a shower sends me into a meditative state and having to fuss around keeping the nicotine dry would totally spoil it.
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oh and i'm female btw
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Man, I haven't smoked in years but just the idea of smoking in a bath makes me want to do it so bad... damn.

Oh, and in Fosse's "All That Jazz" he has Roy Scheider smoking a cigarette while in the shower - it's awesome.
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I smoke in the bath occasionally, usually with a nice scotch and a good book. Not so much in the shower. (I'm a guy, though.)
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If the shower's warm enough, fog actually forms: water droplets suspended in air.

Inhaling fog makes people cough and increases the volume and thickness of secretions, which is, incidentally, why nebulized saline inhalation is used to capture sputum for TB testing.

I've always thought that habitues wish to use nicotine in the bathroom for just this reason. Nicotine has bronchodilating and secretion-thinning effects (i.e., it is an expectorant.)
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It's been a while since I could drink much, but oh, yeah do I love drinking in the shower. Beer, specifically. In fact, I remember that simply being drunk in the shower was nice enough that I'd take showers for no reason other than being really blitzed. A cold 40 oz. and a cold shower on a really hot, sticky day used to be one of the high points of summer.
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Shower? Never. For much the same reason as floanna. Bath, while rarely done, definitly a smoke. The idea is to stay in and relax. Swimming? Of course, usually at the beginning, when I want to get in slowly.

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