Help me find this cartoon about privilege - owls reading newspaper?
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I'm trying to find the (single-panel?) cartoon that made the rounds a few months back, featuring two owls (or other birds of prey) reading the newspaper and discussing what happened to the mouse.


- Two owls (or maybe eagles?) reading the newspaper.
- One says something like, "Mice are complaining about being harassed by hawks."
- The other says something like, "I have no idea what he's talking about."

Point being, of course, that it's easy to dismiss people's complaints (about racism, say) if you don't suffer from them yourself.
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I just saw it yesterday on Twitter -- of course can't find it now -- and FYI I think it's eagles? Maybe that'll help you search?
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It's by Nathan Pyle of Strange Planet - he just reposted it on Insta yesterday
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