I need a list of everything I can ask Siri to do if my iPhone is locked
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I usually start my day by saying "hey Siri, what's the weather out there?" as I walk to the bathroom and she tells me. But asking "what's on my calendar" I get "you need to unlock your iPhone first." Where can I find a list of all the usable commands I can do when my phone is locked?
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If you're willing to derive a list, then use this criteria: Siri cannot present to you any personal information while the phone is locked. However, requests that don't result in a breakage of privacy are fine, thus you can't ask for a contact's phone number BUT you can call that contact while the phone is locked because the phone number is not shown to you. Similarly, adding a reminder item is fine, asking to see the reminders list is not.
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Doesn't this depend heavily on what apps you have installed/use? Lots of 3rd party apps allow a variety of lock screen commands.
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Start with a list of things you can tell Siri, such as this one.
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Also, with HomeKit devices, in general Siri can do things that make things more secure while unlocked.

For example: she can arm your alarm system, close your garage door, and lock your front door whole unlocked. But, she cannot disarm, open, nor unlock those items.

This helps prevent any attacks where your evil twin (or a recording of your voice) yells from outside your home in order to gain entrence.
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