Which is the best canning safety reference right now?
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I'm looking for the most straightforward technical reference, in the US, not something with good interesting recipes. The current Ball guide? The last-but-one Ball guide? Something else? ... This would be quick in an actual bookstore or library, but none of the online snippets I've found are relevant.

(Also interested in the same kind of book from other countries, partly for other readers of the question, partly because I'm curious to see how they differ.)
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US Department of Agriculture's Complete Guide to Home Canning. Available for 9 bucks on Amazon, though there might be a PDF version floating around out there.
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And, because I have just realized my comment looks ridiculous in context, yes I (belatedly)recognize that niicholas has provided a link to that very PDF. Thank you and good day.
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Your state university has a whole office dedicated to this sort of information - just google your state and the magic word 'extension' and voila- here is WSU Extension office's canning hints, food preservation or even becoming a master gardener. You can even send them questions!
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If you use the USDA pdf and still want a book the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving has a lot of different recipes with the same safety standards. My edition is this one from 2006 and has over 400 pages.
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NCHFP’s So Easy To Preserve, now in its 6th printing.
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Looks like SETP is technically a UGA Extension publication, and Is listed separately from the NCHFP publications.
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go big! https://www.paulvirant.com/preservation-kitchen
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